The Three Keys to FUN in the Classroom

Learning a language should be fun for you and your students. Want to see how?

Are you tired of hearing students ask “Can we play a game in class today?” Do your students roll their eyes when you want to practice verb conjugation? Do you feel like you are barely holding onto their attention unless you pull out a game of bingo?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions. You are not alone. I am here to tell you that by adding three key ingredients to any and every activity, you can boost the fun factor in your classroom. We all know that when the fun factor is up, students enjoy learning.  When students are having fun, they are not even aware of how much Spanish they are mobilizing.  Developing functional language in our students is the goal. Having functional language to use is super fun. So having fun and teaching students how to speak Spanish effectively should marry themselves fantastically!

Let’s see how:

1. Keep everyone involved.

Design and deliver your activities and instruction in a way that everyone is participating.

2. Reward.

Acknowledge effort, performance and achievement. There are so many ways to encourage full participation and best effort from your students. Be creative here!

3. Keep up the pace.

Monitor your time so that you are making the most of it and students have a sense of urgency and competition.

This way everyone enjoys speaking and learning Spanish!

So do not be content if you feel like fun only comes when you put in a movie or pull out bingo or worse yet, start speaking more English than Spanish? You do not need to choose between fun and functional language!

What is functional language? Functional language is developing the student’s’ ability to speak, understand and communicate their ideas, questions and requests in real world context. In other words, students that develop functional language can function in Spanish outside of the classroom. Now that is motivating for students and teachers!

So go get it and create the FUN you and your students want to have in class!  Stay tuned to more ideas and details around how to do this in the next two blogs.

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