Create Mental Space

As we start the New Year off purging our professional space it is imperative that we also take a moment to focus on our mental space! Hopefully, you have taken advantage of the winter break to rest, relax, read and you now feel rejuvenated (see The Perfect 4 Ingredient Recipe for Rejuvenation) to start teaching again! Before you head to school and the year gets rolling, visualize how you want this year to go!

Visualization is such a powerful tool for great teachers!

Each day, before your students arrive, visualize your delivery! Actually, run through your lesson. Imagine how you will begin class. Recite your opening. See your students responding. Practice what you are going to say and do throughout the class. Think about possible pitfalls in your lesson and what you might do to resolve them.

Envision both you and your students being successful and exceeding the goals for the day! This technique will help you feel more prepared, calm your nerves and create mental space in your mind to tackle the challenges that you face.

Additionally, before you pack up and head home, review your plans for the next day. Visualize again your delivery, practice your transition strategies and see yourself and your students as you all move through each task.

If possible, write down the next day’s agenda on the board so that you are clear on your goals and objectives before your leave your room. If you share a room or are a traveling teacher, purchase a small white board that you can use post your agenda as well. Visualizing your next lesson will help you leave thoughts of work at school and enjoy your mental space at home.

If our teacher minds are cluttered, tired and not mentally prepared to teach, how can we expect our students to learn from us? Help your students be the best learners they can be by visualizing yourself being the best teacher you can be!