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The Best Way to Celebrate in Your Classroom

We’ve been talking this week about the significance of cultural celebrations and why we should be including them in our teaching.  Not only are they a rich part of the language, but celebrating with your students also creates a stronger relationship with them (see “Have You Included Yourself in the Classroom Community?”)

Ok. We’re ready to celebrate in your classroom! So…now what?

I took a group of students to Costa Rica last Spring and one of our most genuine moments together was when, at breakfast one day, a local Tico burst into song.  Eventually we were all singing, whether we knew the words or not!

As we focus this week on celebrating, let’s take a moment to recognize the power of music and song.  How many times in a day do we use music? Do you listen to or even sing along to music on the way to work?  Do we put on quiet music when it is time for our students to focus and settle down?  Do we use any songs or rhythms to transition in our classroom? That little victory dance we do at the end of the day on Friday? That’s music, too!

We use music in our own lives to bring joy and to recognize special moments. Why not introduce some new songs to your class to feel that same celebration of joy in Spanish?

Below are just a few!

These three are more traditional:

  1. Cielito Lindo
  2. De Colores
  3. Las mañanitas

And these have more of a modern taste:

  1. Fotografía
  2. Llegaste tú
  3. Rosas

I love that moment when I hear students saying, “_______ is stuck in my head!” as they hum a tune to a song…in Spanish! If you already have some personal favorites, look back at what I advise in my previous blogs: bring YOUR passion into the classroom.  The holidays, music, food, and traditions that are most meaningful to you are going to be the ones that are special for your students as well. They will feel the power of your words!

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