Can anybody say America’s Funniest Videos??

We have all had those moments… you know, when you wished there were a hidden camera in the back of the classroom to capture what little Johnny just said in Spanish!  We hold back our reaction, move on to the next volunteer as if nothing funny has just been said, all the while crying on the inside with laughter!  If they only gave Oscars to teachers…

I have so enjoyed writing the last two blogs and sharing inspiring thoughts from our teachers and students that are practicing total immersion.  What better way to round out the week by highlighting some of our funniest moments in the classroom!  Here are a few of my favorites moments sent in from total immersion teachers…

“Señora, do dogs bark in Spanish?” -First grader

“I once had a student that thought I traveled by plane from Spain everyday.”

“Señora, can you speak normal?”  -Kindergartener

“I couldn’t hold it in when one of my students was giving a presentation on food and translated “brats” (short for bratwurst) as “mocosos”!  I couldn’t keep my teacher-face for too long on that one!”

“My students crack up every time I say “hipopótamo”…so, sometimes I just say it randomly to get their attention.  It is also a great way to ease their nerves and make them laugh!”

“I have taught my students that when they struggle with the language, their brains are are getting stronger. So, one day in class a first grader who was having a hard time looked up at me and said, “Señora, I think my brains are getting too strong today.”

Do you have some laugh-out-loud moments to share?  Do tell!  Spring break is a great time to take a moment to relax a little and to let the laughter flow!  We take our jobs very seriously all year long but every now and then you just have to stand up and shout….