Maximize the Highs and Minimize the Lows!

In our last post, we took a look at the “Teacher Roller Coaster” filled with the emotional highs and lows that we ride every school year. I started thinking, however…if the ride is inevitable, is there something that we can do to maximize the highs and minimize the lows?

I think the answer is a resounding “Yes!” and I think that if we dig deeper into the idea of Rejuvenation we can definitely ride the high points for the rest of the school year!

I took the idea to feel “rejuvenated” to my last staff meeting.  Well, first I took my idea to the local dollar store and purchased 6 pairs of fuzzy socks and a few silly Springtime trinkets for my colleagues.  When my fellow Spanish teachers came to our meeting, they were each given a pair of socks, a small gift and a healthy snack.  With surprised smiles all around and wearing our fuzzy socks, we began our meeting.  Truth be told, we left that meeting, feeling more refreshed and excited than any other meeting this year!

So, are fuzzy socks the key to feeling renewed after several long months of teaching?  Maybe!  But, I think the true answer lies in taking a break from the norm.  Our structured teacher lives filled with lesson plans, school bells, data collecting, classroom procedures and a myriad of other responsibilities can start to feel old and redundant by this time of year.

To combat the lows, we need to do something different, something fun and something NEW!

Let’s look at what “Rejuvenated” means!

Re (again) + juven (from the Latin young)

Put it together…To Be Young Again!!

For my fellow teachers and I, it was fuzzy socks, green juice and a little surprise gift giving…for you it will be something else.  Take time during the upcoming break to find out what makes you feel young again.  This will be the key to truly feeling Rejuvenated and to finding the energy to enjoy the “teacher roller coaster” ride all the way to the end of the school year!

What makes you feel young again?  Please share your great ideas with us in the comment section below!!

Have a wonderful Spring BREAK!