Students give teachers some words of wisdom…

Straight from the horse’s (or students) mouth!

We had such a positive response to our last blog with advice from teachers to other teachers, that we decided to follow up with even more helpful suggestions.  This time we asked our clientele (aka our students) to share their best advice to others in total immersion classrooms!

Here is what they said…

“Even though you don’t understand everything your teacher says, you get the general idea and that’s okay. That will help you when you travel to a native country” -Fourth grader

“You just have to get used to it, before you get to college or get a job.” -Fourth grader

“My teacher always tells us to not be afraid so I pretend it is a new song that I am learning.” -Third grader

“Don’t say “sí” if you don’t understand. She might be asking for volunteers!” -Third  grader

We would LOVE to hear what your students have to say!  Ask them for their advice and post it below for all to see!  Listening to each other, teachers and students, can learn together!