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I thought that Spring break would be a perfect time to send out some words of encouragement to the many hard working teachers out there!  Being an immersion Spanish teacher, in a world consumed by test scores, API and data can be a challenging feat.  Sometimes we can feel undeservedly low on the educational system’s list of priorities.  We know how invaluable a second language is to our children!  We know total immersion is the most efficient method but also the most arduous! We need to stay committed and keep our aim high!

To help us maintain our expectations for this last stretch from Spring to Summer break, I asked a group of talented, total immersion teachers to share their best piece of advice that I could pass along to you!

Here are a few gems:

“The best piece of advice that I have is to breathe deeply and be patient!  As total immersion teachers, we don’t usually see results right away, but it pays off in the long run!”

“It is so important to to smile and be energetic, even on days when you don’t think you can!”

“(Total immersion) is scary for our students.  They need us to be the positivity in the classroom.”

“Stay in the language, be patient and watch the economy of the language.  It works!”

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help!”

“The best piece of advice that comes to mind is patience, especially when you want to translate for them.”

“Keep a journal in which to record struggles and questions as well as answers and solutions.”

“Smile a lot!”

“Remember with struggle comes strength! It is OK for the kids to struggle!”

Do you have any priceless pieces of advice to share? Any favorite words of wisdom? Post them below and pay it forward so other Spanish teachers can learn from your expertise!

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