Who WE follow!

Creating a supportive and connected classroom is imperative for student success.  The same idea applies for teacher success!  Supported and connected teachers are more successful!  

That being said, for my professional growth, I try to stay connected!  In fact, some of my most useful professional development experiences have been found through blogs just like ours!  Tying that idea to our last post, I want to take a moment to share some of OUR favorite blogs and social media sites.  The following sites all offer excellent discussions, tips and ideas to suit your individualized professional development needs…


All things educational can be found here.  Edutopia is current, practical and extremely helpful for any teacher in any setting!


Fluentu tackles every question and topic of discussion relevant to Spanish teachers.  Fluentu offers teachers the opportunity to be guest bloggers, so the information shared comes straight from teachers in the field now!


Like Edutopia, Edtechteacher highlights a plethora of educational topics but then connects everything to technology.  To stay current with technology in the classroom, edtech an extremely useful site!

Creative Language Class

My most recent find is Creative Language Class! I love this site for super-creative Spanish class ideas shared with a friendly, easy to follow flair!

Here are a couple Twitter feeds that are essential to every Spanish teacher that wants to current with language learning news and ideas!

#langchat #edchat

Thank you to all of the aforementioned blogs and feeds from all of us at www.spanishcurriculum.com and Sombrero Time.  Supporting each other and working together, we make a great team!