50 Things To Do This Summer Vacation

Summer is finally here! After another school year full of challenges, victories, and discovery, what is a teacher to do for the next few months? Take a peek at the list below for what I call my “summer bucket list”:

1) Read a book or join a book club
2) Attend an educational conference (see Great Professional Development Opportunities)
3) Go for a walk
4) Laugh!
5) Walk along a beach
6) Take a nap
7) Get a massage
8) Take a yoga class
9) Meditate
10) Sleep in
11) Try a new restaurant
12) Try a new sport
13) Take a day trip
14) Go for a hike
15) Spend time with an old friend
16) Practice a new language
17) Watch a classic movie
18) Try a new recipe
19) Sing karaoke
20) Go for a swim
21) Splurge on something for yourself
22) Dance!
23) Go for a jog
24) Make a vision board
25) Journal
26) Go camping
27) Watch the sunrise
28) Create a time capsule
29) Scrapbook
30) Scavenger hunt or go geocaching
31) Play a board game (or create one!)
32) Learn to play an instrument
33) Have a yard sale (or go to one)
34) Have a picnic
35) Go to a pool party
36) Play frisbee
37) Go bowling
38) Make ice cream
39) See live music
40) Visit a museum
41) Go to the library
42) Go for a bike ride
43) Paint
44) Go to a farmer’s market
45) Volunteer
46) Stargaze
47) Create a Pinterest board for Fall school year ideas
48) Redecorate a room in the house
49) Do a Random Act of Kindness
50) Have FUN!

Take any or all of these suggestions and recharge this summer! Hats off to you for another great school year!