4 Things Students of Any Age Can be Doing this Summer

’s time to put the books and planners away, have some fun in the sun, and enjoy the break! Before you send your students off, remember all of the hard work we put in this year! As much as we would all love to put something aside for three months and come back to it as fresh as ever, things don’t usually work out that way.  Below are four of my favorite activities to keep students of any age brushing up on their Spanish over the summer:


Anything from a children’s book to Cien años de soledad, reading will always be one of my favorite ways to practice language. Materials that are intended for younger ages are usually a more fun way to practice this skill!  For your higher level students, remember that fairy tales are often set in the past (“Once upon a time…/Había una vez…”) and are a creative way to continue practicing more challenging past tenses!

2. Start journaling in Spanish

Even if it’s only once a week, digging into some writing in a non-academic way will give students a personal outlet to connect with the language.  It will be more effective if they do their best to not use a dictionary or a translating tool! They should challenge themselves to USE WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY WHAT THEY CAN.  Getting students to use the language is a bigger victory than having them produce a perfectly composed paragraph!

3. Find a song that they like in Spanish and have them learn it

Especially for students who play an instrument like guitar or piano, finding a song in Spanish that they like is a fun way to keep themselves engaged in the target language.  Even if they don’t like to flaunt their singing voice, singing along can build vocabulary, improve pronunciation, introduce authentic cultural “dichos”, and expose them to new genres of music! See my previous blog post, “The Best Way to Celebrate in Your Classroom” for some song ideas!

4. Watch one of their favorite movies in Spanish

Since they already know the plot and the characters, they won’t get lost in the language! Turning on the Spanish subtitles as the movie plays in Spanish will also give them a visual of the new vocabulary.  Animated movies are great to use because they can reach students of all ages and often have songs in them too!

Congratulations on a great school year and remember to have some fun this summer, too! Check out my “50 Things To Do This Summer Vacation”!

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