Summer Checkpoint For Teachers

June has come and gone in a flash! We’ve unplugged from the school year and have been looking at fun ways that our students can continue practicing their Spanish this summer.

What about the person that’s at the front of the room?

Now that we are at about the halfway point of our summer, I want to flashback to some of my past blog posts that focus on rejuvenation, reflection, and motivation.


The #1 goal of a teacher over the summer should be to rest and rejuvenate! Click on any of my previous blog posts below to gain some insight:

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Once we have cleared our mental space, gained clarity, and are generally feeling like ourselves again, we know we are ready to reflect:

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It’s always comforting to know that you’re not alone! The blog posts below were contributed to by your fellow Spanish teachers (and students):

Teachers Helping Teachers With Words Of Wisdom
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Students Give Teachers Some Words Of Wisdom...

I hope you’ve all had a restful June! Whenever you’re ready to take a peek ahead at your next school year, check out “Ruth’s Blog” at Spanish Curriculum for more teaching tips and tricks. ¡Nos vemos!