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Who’s playing and Who’s winning?

Have you ever analyzed your games? Do you see them as a language learning opportunity? Below are a few questions to ask yourself. Let’s make sure we are making the most use of our time and our students’ time. How many of my students are engaged at one time? Who gets out first? Is there […]

The Three Keys to FUN in the Classroom

Learning a language should be fun for you and your students. Want to see how? Are you tired of hearing students ask “Can we play a game in class today?” Do your students roll their eyes when you want to practice verb conjugation? Do you feel like you are barely holding onto their attention unless […]

Get Your Students Moving

“Brazos, manos, dedos…brazos, manos, dedos…”.  My class always began with reviewing the body parts in Spanish.  Useful vocabulary, check!  Proper pronunciation practice, check!  Repetition, check!  Critical to teaching young children Spanish, getting students up and moving, CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! Average Attention Span = Age of child +1 With this in mind, the best laid lesson […]

Develop Vocabulary in Context

I will never forget being a student teacher and observing a Spanish 2 class taught at the local high school. The classroom was filled with well behaved, but minimally engaged teenagers.  They were sitting in rows, diligently completing a worksheet about the verb “ser”. As I wound my way up and down the aisles, I […]

Teach Spanish in Spanish

Number #1 on Spanish Curriculum’s list of MUST DOs is total Spanish immersion. Teach Spanish in Spanish. You make the most use of your instructional time and the best benefit to your students.  Don’t fudge on this one!  If you open the English translation door, your students will continue to knock on it and push […]

5 Things You Must Do In Your Spanish Class

These five “musts” will make you more effective, help your students learn more Spanish and insure everyone having more fun in Spanish class! Who doesn’t want that? 1. Teach Spanish in Spanish. There is much conversation about immersion — why because it works. We know from research and effective programs globally that this is the […]