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Summer Checkpoint For Teachers

June has come and gone in a flash! We’ve unplugged from the school year and have been looking at fun ways that our students can continue practicing their Spanish this summer. What about the person that’s at the front of the room? Now that we are at about the halfway point of our summer, I […]

Top 5 Places For Student Summer Practice

You and your students have all bid farewell, settled into summer, and are taking a well deserved break. In the back of our minds, however, we know that our students’ Spanish will lose its spark if they stop practicing completely! Even if you have sent them off with great resources to practice with, language is […]

Bite Into This!: Delicious Latin Foods

We’ve been having a fun summer practicing our Spanish! From learning new vocabulary (see “Fun Summer Vocabulary for Practice at Home”) to learning new songs, it’s been great to share new ways to stay engaged in Spanish. Today, I want to share one of the more delicious ways to incorporate language and cultural education into […]

The Most Powerful Tool to Unlock Language

We know that there isn’t a “fast track” or a “silver bullet” to learn language. The process of speaking another language takes time, effort, and plenty of practice! For those of us who started a bit later in our lives, we know that it felt like WORK. Learning was challenging, at times frustrating, and it […]

50 Things To Do This Summer Vacation

Summer is finally here! After another school year full of challenges, victories, and discovery, what is a teacher to do for the next few months? Take a peek at the list below for what I call my “summer bucket list”: 1) Read a book or join a book club 2) Attend an educational conference (see […]